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dental fillings Oakleigh South

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings at Oakleigh Smiles can restore decayed teeth, repair minimal fractures, and fill cavities. Fillings ensure small problems don’t progress to worse dental issues that may need root canal therapy or tooth extraction.
dental fillings Oakleigh South

Restore and Improve Your Smile with Dental Fillings

Dental fillings in our Oakleigh South clinic are usually the first restorative dental treatment of choice when dealing with decay. Most people prefer not to have unsightly metal fillings in their mouth, which is why we offer high-quality tooth-coloured.

Our Oakleigh dentists use composite mercury-free fillings to treat chipped, broken and fill decayed teeth. Composite can also be used to replace amalgam fillings or as cosmetic restoration for the front teeth.


How long do white dental fillings last?

Oakleigh patients should know that tooth fillings can last up to 12 years. Unlike natural teeth, white composites are not resistant to staining and abrasion. So, over time, they will discolour and wear down. For maintenance, it is essential to practice good hygiene care and visit the dentist regularly for a general check-up and dental cleaning.

How long do dental fillings take?

Typically around 30 minutes is the time needed to complete a composite dental filling. In some cases a large cavity may require more time.

What is the procedure for a dental filling?

Your dentist will begin by removing decayed tissue from the tooth, once the cavity is clean composite material is layered into the tooth. The layers are gradually built to fill the cavity and carefully shaped to the tooth’s contours. The filling is exposed to a curing light to harden it before a final polish.

Do dental fillings hurt?

A dental filling should not hurt during the procedure, since our dentist will numb the area with a local anaesthetic. You may feel slight pressure as the composite is layered into the tooth and pressed down, but it shouldn’t hurt. Some Oakleigh patients experience tooth sensitivity for a few days following the procedure, but it quickly subsides.

What if I need a large filling?

Dental fillings are only suitable for small to moderate cavities. Placing a large filling may affect the new structure’s strength, making it more susceptible to fractures. Instead, our Oakleigh dentist recommends alternative restorative dentistry options such as an onlay or a dental crown for a more durable and long-term solution.

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Need A Tooth Filling?

Book an appointment with our friendly dentists today if you’d like to learn more about how our composite tooth fillings in Oakleigh could help your smile. Call or use our online booking service.

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